Quitting Porn = The Hero’s Journey

If you’ve been trying to quit porn (and failed) you might think of yourself as a loser or a weakling, or find yourself feeling a lot of shame. That’s one way to think about it. But what if you are actually a hero?

wrapping up!

Tomorrow should be the last day of shooting! It's been a blast! And also a huge learning experience. One day 1 of shooting, I made the mistake of saying that I didn't care about continuity. I may as well have just said I don't care about this film. A bit of a faux pas!

I wish I hadn't scheduled the most difficult day of shooting first! That was the day with the biggest cast and crew, when I was still getting to know the DP, and the Assistant Director. It took a while to find a rhythm, but then we did. 

I also learned another lesson - things go faster with a larger crew. For some reason I thought a large crew would slow things down, but actually, when everyone on set has a job to do, then the DP doesn't have to do everything. And then the light set ups are faster, and the shooting progresses nicely.

I wish I spent a little more time thinking about acting, instead of setting up shots. The actors did a great job, but there were a few shots i wish I'd asked for a slightly different attitude. But I suppose that's what happens to all of us in hindsight.

I'm excited about getting the last 2 scenes, and then completing everything in the editing room. 

Most of the film is already assembled, except for the 2 scenes left. After that, it will be time to clean up the audio, add music, and do some color grading. Also titles and credits. So, there are a few things left to do. But that should be fun.

Indiegogo campaign - Day 1


Our crowdfunding has begun! The very first donation of $1 happened yesterday. That was me, actually. But today, we got our first real donation of $15. Yay! 

Check out the whole campaign here.

I had a great time editing this video. I can't remember ever laughing so much while I was editing something. Props to Mike Hourihan as himself, and as Jerry.

Fun with pre-production

Things are going well! We've cast the leads, and one of the supporting members of the cast. Next up: the Indiegogo campaign. Mike (the lead) and Tyler (the producer) and I will be shooting it tomorrow. I'm counting on Mike to be hilarious, since everything he did in the audition was so funny. 

I'm also working on a logo for the production company and the web series itself with the graphic designer. That's a fun process, but frustrating sometimes when I try to explain to the designer what I see in my head. 

There are so many things to do for the first episodes. I'm looking forward to getting all the pieces in place, and then being able to easily make new episodes. But we have to make these episodes first!

Casting Call

Evolution of Jerry Part 2

Here are the latest photos of the puppet process.


Evolution of Jerry

I've been working on creating the puppet Jerry. First step was to craft a model out of clay. Then I covered it with about 8 layers of papier mache. Next, I'll add cloth.

The final goal is to make a hand puppet with a fabric skin and papier mache skull.

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