Here are all seven of the episodes in the order they were released. 

S1:E1 “The Question” Neil’s therapist (Eric) suggests that Neil try to quit looking at porn, because it seems Neil has become addicted to it. Neil resists the idea, and in his imagination sings a song explaining why he’s “Not An Addict.” 

S1:E2  “The Voice” At his therapist’s suggestion, Neil keeps a journal to document his experience of quitting porn. At first it goes well, but at night, he hears a mysterious voice, encouraging him to look at porn. 

S1:E3  “The Support Group” Neil goes to Eric’s support group of men trying to give up porn. Neil confesses that he’s struggling, and Eric suggests he build a “brick house,” a structure of ideas that is strong enough to resist the voice of the wolf. 

S2:E1  Diana finds porn on her boyfriend Glen’s computer, and confronts him about it.  Later, Glen talks about it with his friend Scott, and they sing a song about porn addiction.

S2:E2 Jerry the Wolf tells us who he really is. Meanwhile, Scott and his therapist try to figure out what’s getting in the way of Scott quitting his porn addiction.

S2:E3  Liz and her friend Jen help Diana sort out her feelings after she finds porn on her boyfriend’s computer.

S2:E4  The therapist tells Scott his suggestions for how to live a porn-free life.

This web series contains adult language and situations, but no nudity or porn will be shown.