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Quitting Porn = The Hero’s Journey 

(This is a adaptation of a podcast. Listen to the podcast.)

If you’ve been trying to quit porn (and failed) you might think of yourself as a loser or a weakling, or find yourself feeling a lot of shame. That’s one way to think about it. But what if you are actually a hero?

I’ve been reading about the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, and noticed a lot of similarities between my struggle to give up porn, and the classic hero’s journey story. 

For instance, there is the “call to adventure.” Something got…

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wrapping up! 

L- R  David Reid, Evan Clinton, Mike Hourihan, Logan Lopez, Colin Allen.

Tomorrow should be the last day of shooting! It's been a blast! And also a huge learning experience. One day 1 of shooting, I made the mistake of saying that I didn't care about continuity. I may as well have just said I don't care about this film. A bit of a faux pas!

I wish I hadn't scheduled the most difficult day of shooting first! That was the day with the biggest cast and crew, when I was still getting to know the DP, and the…

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Indiegogo campaign - Day 1 


Our crowdfunding has begun! The very first donation of $1 happened yesterday. That was me, actually. But today, we got our first real donation of $15. Yay! 

Check out the whole campaign here.

I had a great time editing this video. I can't remember ever laughing so much while I was editing something. Props to Mike Hourihan as himself, and as Jerry.

Fun with pre-production 

Things are going well! We've cast the leads, and one of the supporting members of the cast. Next up: the Indiegogo campaign. Mike (the lead) and Tyler (the producer) and I will be shooting it tomorrow. I'm counting on Mike to be hilarious, since everything he did in the audition was so funny. 

I'm also working on a logo for the production company and the web series itself with the graphic designer. That's a fun process, but frustrating sometimes when I try to explain to the designer what I see in my head…

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Evolution of Jerry 

I've been working on creating the puppet Jerry. First step was to craft a model out of clay. Then I covered it with about 8 layers of papier mache. Next, I'll add cloth.

The final goal is to make a hand puppet with a fabric skin and papier mache skull.