wrapping up!

L- R  David Reid, Evan Clinton, Mike Hourihan, Logan Lopez, Colin Allen.

Tomorrow should be the last day of shooting! It's been a blast! And also a huge learning experience. One day 1 of shooting, I made the mistake of saying that I didn't care about continuity. I may as well have just said I don't care about this film. A bit of a faux pas!

I wish I hadn't scheduled the most difficult day of shooting first! That was the day with the biggest cast and crew, when I was still getting to know the DP, and the Assistant Director. It took a while to find a rhythm, but then we did. 

I also learned another lesson - things go faster with a larger crew. For some reason I thought a large crew would slow things down, but actually, when everyone on set has a job to do, then the DP doesn't have to do everything. And then the light set ups are faster, and the shooting progresses nicely.

I wish I spent a little more time thinking about acting, instead of setting up shots. The actors did a great job, but there were a few shots i wish I'd asked for a slightly different attitude. But I suppose that's what happens to all of us in hindsight.

I'm excited about getting the last 2 scenes, and then completing everything in the editing room. 

Most of the film is already assembled, except for the 2 scenes left. After that, it will be time to clean up the audio, add music, and do some color grading. Also titles and credits. So, there are a few things left to do. But that should be fun.

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