From Reddit July 2014

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–Wow, I have to say, as a film student this is really, very well done. The production value is exceptional. All the elements fall in place and compliment each other perfectly (Music, sound effects) and the pacing of the editing is brilliant. Really well done, I hope this takes off and gets more attention. It deserves it. 

–I was literally just about to open a new tab and break the streak. Instead I came here, saw these videos, and it immediately bonked me over the head. This was a good way to get me out of the “mood.” I really hope you guys continue making more episodes for this web series. Perhaps tackle more issues that will come back up during the recovery process. Focus on how his life improves in different areas.

–Whoever wrote the song in the first episode is a f***ing genius. Brilliance all around!   

–I went as a musical hater expecting hokey puppets. I found some quality videos, and even teared up a little. July 2014

–This is really good! It’s engaging and fun to watch. I loved the song in Episode 1 with lyrics composed of all the excuses porn addicts make. I’m so glad there is something like this in the open that we can all share. The more open and forward the discussion about this the better. It makes it easier to come out of the dark. You are a really brave guy. July 2014

–Good stuff with clearly outlining the important points of porn addiction. I liked the way Erick summed up how the addiction develops. Really good.

–Just checked out the first episode, and you got me hooked. I’ll be watching the rest soon. Fantastic work!

–These are extremely well done. The shots, editing, and overall vibe this gives off is awesome. It’s not fake and I can say that I can definetely relate to it. Looking forward for more!

From private emails and messages

–When I first watched this clip, I thought it was a joke despite the seriousness of the topic, or maybe because of it. After watching the other episodes, I have to say that I’m really impressed. . .with everything. . .the singing, dancing, acting, writing, filming, puppetry, production, content, pod casting, subject matter. …and whatever else I’m missing. Thank you for sharing, and I can see myself sharing it with some guys I know! March, 2016

–Absolutely awesome and impressive!  Great job buddy, such a huge accomplishment, fantastic content as well! – March 2016

–“Choose Life” has kept me away from the porn multiple times. You are doing important work.

From YouTube comments

ben fraser i like support and really respect what you do  i am following you from egypt

–It isn’t often that I see a performance or hear a song that evokes joy within me, but this episode sure did! I’m floored and filled with admiration at the writing, performances, editing, and the cohesive message of human struggle and liberation which is conveyed by this episode, and this series as a whole.  When will we get to see Brick House the Musical on Broadway?  Thank you.